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How to make a Template?

The first thing we need to make a custom made hair system is a template and hair sample to ensure that your hair replacement system is a perfect fit for you. We do not use 'off the shelf' pre-made systems, so each piece is carefully made to your exact measurements.

Its very important that you make sure the template is correct for you before you send it to us.We use the template to make an exact replica size of what we receive.With template making the onus is on the customer to get the size right and then at the factory we produce the high standard of system based on what we receive.

Please send us your template and hair samples, you can email us and we will guide you.
Make a template you require some tools:
• Sticky tape
• Cling film
• Sharp scissors
• Black permanent marker

Step 1
Place a piece of transparent plastic (polyethylene film) on the head, making firm contact with the scalp.

The type of plastic is the same that is used as food packaging. It comes in a roll and is available in shops, stores and markets. It is important to properly put the center of the plastic on the scalp. To achieve this, the plastic strip should be about 50cm long, so that you can pull with both hands from the ends down.

Step 2
Now we have to cut several pieces of tape to be placed through the scalp. We are looking to form a relatively solid mold juxtaposing strips. The first should place from one ear to the other and then repeat as many times as necessary to cover the scalp.

It is important to place the strips parallel to each other, and the sense (direction) must be "from one ear to the other". The end result is a "shell" of tape.

Step 3
The tapes that are already stick are puted "from ear to ear". In this step we will do the same, but putting the bits of tape from the forehead to the neck forming a matrix of adhesive tape. It does not really need to go up to the neck. The important thing is to understand that the first batch of tapes were going in one direction, and now we place them in another.

Step 4
Using a permanent marker, draw the front line and then draw a circle that encompasses only the bald areas.
To trace the front line you should put three or four fingers above the eyebrows and make a circle from there. It is not recommended to draw that line far ahead because the result may be somewhat artificial. Anyway, the line of hairline is a matter of taste, sex and age.
Once the circle is marked, draw several arrows indicating the orientation of the hair in each of the areas.
It should also draw a line showing exactly where the hair changes the orientation / direction.

Step 5
Again with the marker, write the word "BACK" indicating the rear (nape) of the prosthesis. We put tape on the mold to protect the lines and prevent them from being deleted. Using scissors, remove the excess plastic and tape.

Finally, if we have a uniform color hair, cut a piece and paste it into any section of the mold. In case we have different shades color areas, you must be cut several strands (small) and paste them in different areas so that when manufacturing of the prosthesis, they do respect our natural color. We can avoid cuts directly selecting strands of hair color offered by the manufacturers of the wigs.

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