Our Hair System
Only use 100% real human virgin-level Remy hair, after multiple levels to screen out the best hair, no hot dye, no damage. Our hair is completely artificial system, with real, natural, suitable for any hair, outsiders can not identify true and false!
Our Prices
We do not have any brokers and store facade costs, and all goods are free shipping, to give you the best quality hair system and the cheapest cost.
Our Service
We offer up to 60 days 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. If your hair system is damaged, I can fix it, which is free (not including shipping costs)
The Best Time
If you have an expedited order, we will complete your hair system within 2-3 weeks and we will work with top international courier companies to receive new hair systems within 2-3 days.
  • I want to thank you service and quality work. I had to buy a wig for yourself, as I have almost no hair at the top of my head. I ordered a hair replacement system. Thank you, you brought me back to an active life!

    - Jim Dixon -

  • I received the hair replacement system today, Your work is unbelievable and you are so talented!! Thank you so much!!!

    - Kerstin Arado -

  • I'm so glad I finally bought a hair system! It has long wanted, but somehow delayed, basically I do not have enough money. Very high quality products, and it sits comfortably hair combed without any problems.

    - Tom Healy -

  • Thank you so much. I really liked, very good quality. For I wear your hair system on a daily basis and there are no problems. Thank you very much.

    - David Karp -

  • I am ordered here three weeks ago hair system. Very quickly delivered. Quality is very cool - do not get confused, easy to comb, but a little longer. Thank you very much for the speed, quality!!!

    - Darrin Scott -

  • Thank MomentHair for their assistance in the selection of hair replacement system. I had a lot of doubts, it turned out, in vain worried! Sending very quickly. Thank you so much for efficiency. I will recommend to friends.

    - John Kim -

How do we work?

Choose a hair system

Please select an inventory hair system in our inventory list page. If you need a brand new hair system, click on Customize a new hair system.

Hair information entry

Please select hair color, hair length, base size, front contour, hair density, etc ...

Add to cart

If you have confirmed that the selected hair system information is correct, click Add to Cart.


After the hair system is added to the shopping cart, please click the checkout button to checkout at the checkout. We offer credit card and Paypal payment.

Process your order

We process your order within 24 hours of receipt of payment and sort and print your order information.

Make model

Your information will be prepared by the molding technician mold and stored in our database, easy to use next time.

Make a hair system

Once the mold is finished, we will make your hair replacement system until it is finished.

Confirm the hair system

After the new hair system is finished, we will send you a photo to confirm.

Ship to you

If you think the new hair system does not have any problems, we will ship it to you by courier.